Die Geschichte der ältesten deutschen Weinbrandmarke JACoBI 1880 ist ein spannender Wirtschaftskrimi in 4 Akten mit einem fulminanten Happy End.
written and directed by Jochen Hirschfeld.
Introducing our latest film project for Jacobi 1880 Brandy, "JACoBI 1880 - Die Geschichte"—a thrilling journey through Germany's oldest brandy brand. In four captivating acts, we explore the brand’s illustrious history and modern triumphs.
Starring the indomitable Alexander Stein, founder of Monkey 47 Gin from the Black Forest, who, alongside cellar master Eric Durand, has revived the brand with a blend of traditional craftsmanship and cutting-edge innovation.
A word to our international fans: the film is currently available only in German.
For more spirited details, visit Jacobi 1880. Cheers!

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