Cross Media MINI Commercial (internet/TV/cinema)
AWARDS WON: AutoVision // GRANDPRIX AutoVision // 2x GOLD Onlinestar // GOLD Epica Award // SILVER New York Festivals Award // SILVER Clio Award // BRONZE ADC Award // PINK
See a breathtaking race between David against Goliath and find out what MINIMALISM really means. Briefing: Communicate the MINIMALISM concept. Show all the driving excitement of a MINI whilst being very efficient when it comes to fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. Challenge: Finding the level of abstraction and fullfill the briefing in an elegant way. And to take an idea that screams „Do me in 3D!“ and go the old school, handmade way. And also a tricky detail was that stop motion animated markers don’t leave nice drawing lines one the paper. Behind the scenes: Once we decided against a regular 3D animation, it was really fun doing everything from scratch and for real: Figuring out the props, working on the final look of the markers, all that ink everywhere. Things that are easy in the digital 3D world like motion and camera perspective suddenly become a challenge in stop motion animation. For the show down shot of the hero pen diving under the falling fat marker, we almost had to build larger scaled models. Since we wanted to show this in super slow motion we needed a lot of inbetween animation steps. If an object is small and the joint at the animation rig is small then it is hard to advance the joint in tiny steps. Just imagine how hard it would be to adjust the tiny mirror in a match box car. You would probably break it. But end of story we figured it out with the regular markers. Also the sound was real. The whole score composed and recorded with real instruments. No digital samples. We even took a MINI for a test drive on a special driving lot and recorded our own sound effects.
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